Kids need art like 

they need clean air to breath


All classes as

low as $10 

for 4 class

per month!

New schools receive complimentary

recitals, performances & scrimmages

every 3 months


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School Option / Fundraiser

School registers bills their parents and pays directly on our website


All classes as low as $10 

for 4 class per month!

ONE FLAT FEE - for up to 42 children

KinderTime offers 14 different classes to meet the developmental needs of children aged 2-13. See below to find the classes that are right for your school    Learn more



Dance Combo





Magical Music



Musical Theater

Art with



Music sing-a-long


Group Guitar


What we do

 WE provide the program.YOU provide adequate space. 

Together we meet the needs of the children and families in our community. 

Pre-schools & Daycares 

Specially designed group rates, including fundraiser possibilities!


Elementary, Charter & Day Schools

Now offering personally  designed schedules to fit the needs of your school 

Great advertising & exposure for Your school!

At a time when schools have been forced to cut funding for arts programs, a program like ours may be a child's only access to the arts. We believe that all children deserve to enjoy enrichment programs in their lives. To accomplish this we have structured a mobile art program so that KinderTime is assessable to all children in the community.

What we do

We provide the program you provide adequate space and together we meet the needs of the children and families in our community. We provide well trained, enthusiastic instructors, whose job is to give planned, comprehensive lessons, sharing their knowledge, passion, and experience. Our team comes equipped with lesson plans, equipment, and supplies. We provide performances, recitals, newsletters, progress reports ( upon request), all equipment and supplies, online schedules, all marketing material, such as but not limited to: banners, posters, flyers, forms, mass mailing & e-mailing.

How it works!

KinderTime strictly charges flat fees/group rates! We do not charge on a per child bases. We bill our schools and our schools bill their parents. We have structured a KinderTime session hour so that the cost per child could be as low as $10 for 4 classes per month! That’s $2.50 per class. KinderTime charges one flat rate for up to 42 children.


The cost is for the entire group, not per child basis!


In addition, the school has an option to use our program as a fundraiser. The school can charge the parents whatever they wish or what they think their parents can afford. The school could choose to charge $12, $14, or $15 per month. Anything above the $10 per month per child would go towards the schools' fundraiser.


A KinderTime session hour is 1.5 hours,

consisting of (3) 30 min classes per school visit.

When choosing 1 type of session weekly, you would receive 4 sessions per month, that's (3) 30 min classes once per week. If you enroll 14 children per age group ( 42 children) each child will only pay $10 per month for 4 classes!


Example: If you were to enroll 14 children per 30 min class for a total of 42 children per session hour and you charge $25 per child monthly for 4 classes. You would receive $1050... then simply deduct our monthly fee and the remainder of the funds would go towards your schools' fundraiser! 

Parent Pay Option 

Parents register and pay directly on our website


All classes as low as $25 

for 4 class per month!

15 participants needed to start our program at your school!


If we want kids to be creative we have to give them a space




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