All classes must be scheduled in a series of 4 sessions per month!

Teaching Children to love the arts!

All classes as low as $10 

for 4 class per month!

What your Center desires to charge per child is completely up to you! KinderTime charges center only $95.50 per session hour. KinderTime session hours are 1.5 hours. A session hour can be split into (3)30 min sessions or (2) 45 min sessions according to ages. (This cost is for the entire group not per child basis!) Note the more children per age group the better the fund-raiser! To reserve your preferred dates and times for classes, please complete & submit your registration.



Payments Please note that we do not accept payments from parents. All payments from parents must be collected by school! Schools are billed one flat fee on the first of each month prior to the upcoming schedule. The first payment is due when you register including a one-time school registration fee of $69.00. Payment methods include cash, check or credit card. Please see our website @ www.kindertime1.com should you choose to make an online payment!

Billing Cycle In order to keep our monthly charge the same each month we charge by billing cycle. Our schools charge their parents a flat rate each month, therefore, it is imperative that the amount we bill our schools doesn't fluctuate and remains the same each month. Each selected class type is scheduled in a series of 4 sessions per billing cycle. Even- though a calendar month may have 5 weeks we would still only charge for 4 weeks for that month.

Class Cancellation / Make-ups All classes must be scheduled in a series of 4 classes per month. If a session is canceled, an additional session must be scheduled to ensure that all 4 classes for that billing cycle have been performed. There are no make-ups for classes missed for individual participants. Should school cancel a confirmed scheduled class without having notified KinderTime nor their assigned instructor in-advance, a make-up may be scheduled at an additional fee of $35 to help compensate instructors additional travel expenses. 


Cancellation by instructor Should a confirmed class be canceled on the instructors' behalf, the instructor will promptly make arrangements with school to schedule a make - up for that missed class. 

Liability Once the registration form & one-time registration fee have been received (upon request) participating schools may receive a copy of our certificate of liability listing their school as additional insured.


Schedule Requirements As a common courtesy to our instructors It is required to schedule classes for a minimum of 3 months/ 3 billing cycles during our summer session and 4 months/ 4 billing cycles during Fall/Winter/Spring sessions. KinderTime classes are scheduled on on-going bases, should you choose to cancel after the 3 or 4-month minimum schedule requirement, a one month's notice is required. We also offer a $350 early termination fee option should it be necessary to abruptly cancel classes prior to submitting a one month's notices.

(School) Registration fee Our school registration fee of $69 is required by new, continuing and returning schools in order to reserve your preferred dates & times for classes. Please note, our registration fee is only a deposit for continuing & returning schools, $69 will be applied as a credit to your first month's invoice.


Class Structure To achieve well organized and fun-filled classes please have children ready prior to instructors’ arrival. We recommend that you choose a selected age group of no more than 14 children to take part in each 30 or 45 min class. An additional 30 min class can be added for an additional low fee of $25 should the enrollment amount exceed 42 children.

Attire Proper attire is recommended but not mandatory.

Schedule Please remember to review all dates on your online schedule to ensure there is no conflict in schedule.


Instructor Replacement If for any reason your center is dissatisfied with the assigned instructors' performance, a new instructor may be requested.


*Monthly Liability To keep our program as low cost as possible and to ensure liability protection for all participants we have implemented a flat recurring monthly fee of $4.50 per session (which covers all participants) for the duration of the program.